CoKoCon - 31 Aug–3 Sep, 2018 in Phoenix, AZ

Convention Committee

Role Person Contact
ConKopelli Chair Hal C. F. Astell
CopperCon Chair Mark Boniece
Vice Chair Dee Astell
ConKopelli Banker Stephanie Bannon
CopperCon Banker Kevin McAlonan
Role Person Contact
ConSuite Wendy Trakes
Erin Teacherr
Dealer Liaison Mark Boniece
Dealer Liaison (at-con) Duncan Rittschof
Filk Valerie Ritchie
Gaming J. B. Talbott
Guest Liaison Laura Modine
Hotel Liaison Stephanie Bannon
Logistics Michael Flanders
Programming Dee Astell
Social Media Dee Astell
Staff Lounge Craig Dyer
Website Hal C. F. Astell
For all general enquiries, please e-mail

CoKoCon aims to represent the breadth of Phoenix phandom.

Our core concom group includes the Chairman and Treasurer of CASFS, the Vice Chair and Treasurer of LepreCon, Inc. and the President and Treasurer of WesternSFA. They also number among the founding members of the Arizona Browncoats, the Arizona Penny Dreadfuls and WesternSFA.

ConKopelli Chair: Hal C. F. Astell

Hal is a film critic and author of five books on film who owns and runs the Apocalypse Later International Fantastic Film Festival. He's a prolific reviewer for The Nameless Zine and he maintains, a history of Arizona fandom.

He co-founded and co-runs the Arizona Penny Dreadfuls. He's Vice Chair and Secretary for LepreCon, Inc. and a member of CASFS and WesternSFA. He was Vice Chair of Westercon 70, where he also ran Publications. He hosts Apocalypse Later Roadshow sets at conventions across the southwest.

CopperCon Chair: Mark Boniece

Mark has chaired 15 conventions (3 LepreCons, 4 CopperCons, 4 HexaCons, 2 DarkCons, Conflagration and MythosCon) in the Phoenix area and has lost count of the times he has volunteered in all areas of conrunning. He was Dealer Liaison and Hotel Liaison for Westercon 70.

He's currently Chairman of CASFS and President of WesternSFA. He has also served as a director and officer for several other fan groups in Arizona.

Vice Chair: Dee Astell

Dee co-founded and co-runs the Arizona Penny Dreadfuls. She's the Fashion Manager for Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention, ran the steampunk track at Phoenix Comicon and has been Steampunk Coordinator for many others. She runs maker workshops across the southwest.

She chaired Westercon 70, serves on the board at LepreCon, Inc. and is a member of CASFS and WesternSFA.

ConKopelli Banker: Stephanie Bannon

Stephanie is a founding member of the WesternSFA, whom she currently serves as Treasurer. She edited ConNotations for 14 years and currently runs The Nameless Zine.

She chaired CopperCon 21 and ran dozens of ConRunners seminar events. She has served as a director and officer for several fan groups.

CopperCon Banker: Kevin McAlonan

Kevin is the Treasurer of LepreCon, Inc. and CASFS; and incorporator, past officer and board member of the Arizona Browncoats, Inc..

He has been a volunteer, staff member or participant for various conventions (including LepreCons, CopperCons, AniZonas, DarkCons, Phoenix Comicons, Westercons, as well as the 2013 Browncoat Ball, 1st North America Discworld Convention, and 2006 Nebula Awards). He was the Treasurer for Westercon 70.

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